Civil ceremony
  • Original and copy of the certificate of birth of the intending spouses
  • Service of each party, with photo, tested and signed by the physician and the laboratory seal, including AIDS testing analysis and medical certificate.
  • Original and copy of the Primer of military service
  • Four witnesses over 18 years
  • Original and copy of the credentials of elector of them witnesses and those Contracting Parties
  • Certificate of bachelorship
  • Payment of duties
In case of a foreigner:
  • Application signed by the foreign person, addressed to the regional delegate, is a general information explanation letter requesting permission to enter into marriage
  • Original and copy of valid passport
  • Original and copy of valid immigration document
  • Certificate of birth of the spouse Mexican
  • Photo ID, address and signature of the Mexican spouse
  • Copy of proof of address of the Mexican spouse
  • Certificate of residence if it is that it takes more than two years living in the city
  • Letter individually expressing each of the parties, under oath to tell the truth, that they are unmarried and have no impediment for marriage
  • Receipt of payment for rights of marriage
As soon as is have ready these documents and its process, should fill the request of marriage and present the following documents:
  • Updated birth certificates, original and copy of the intending spouses, that of the foreign person must be duly legalized or authenticated and translated to the Spanish
  • Result of the prenuptial medical certificate of both and be existing analysis when presented.
  • Two witnesses for each party, over 18 years of age and of Mexican nationality
  • Copy of the voter credential or passport of the spouses
  • Pay the corresponding rights
  • Permission of the Secretary of Interior for contracting marriage
  • Copy of the migration form may request at the office of migration
  • Proof of payment of fees of the National Institute of migration
In case of being alien with Mexican or foreign with Mexican
Original and copy of valid passport
Birth certificate for spouses Apostille or legalized and translated into the Spanish by the expert approved by the Superior Court of Justice
Result of the prenuptial analysis with medical certificate of both and be current at the time of filing it.
Two witnesses for each party with official identification
Protest letter from each of the intending spouses
Proof of payment of fees of the National Institute of migration
Religious ceremony
As soon as they have the date, the time and the place where will be your ceremony, paramount is verified with a year in advance the availability of the date and time that they want to marry. If you want to hold the ceremony in a parish that does not match them, they will have to assist with the bishopric which belongs to them by area, leading their marriage record to them to give them the document of freedom. This document is attached to the record of marriage and is delivered to the bishopric where the ceremony will be held. They can also choose the Bishop who will serve his mass, however, is its ideal are married in Beach, a Museum, hotel, or any other venue, they will have to find out if the ceremony will be valid or will be representative. The formalities for the religious ceremony are:
  • Certificate of premarital course
  • Legalized birth certificate
  • Act of confirmation
  • Certification of baptism
  • Identification with IFE Official validity
  • Passport or residence of both spouses
  • Certificate of ecclesiastical celibacy
  • Certificate of premarital courses
  • Certificate of baptism
  • Act of confirmation
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Two witnesses for each party