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Tour Description

Xcaret Park has created a tour to enjoy along with the flora and fauna, water activities, exhibitions and shows. Our tour starts from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm and it includes access to the following activities:

Aquarium - Explore the world of the seabed without getting wet. This quiet spot teaches us the importance of the various types of reefs and shows us some of the most impressive examples of marine plants and animals.

The Butterfly House - Xcaret is the first butterfly farm in Mexico, with its 3,500 square meters of tropical vegetation and ceilings of almost 15 meters, is one of the largest in the world.

Deer Shelter - There are many species of animals in Xcaret that provide wonderful experiences to open a window into their world. White-tailed and brocket deer (a miniature variety) can be seen at the park in their natural habitat.

Jaguar Island - Hunters by nature, jaguars play in large, leafy trees within the islands. There are strategically placed telescopes to provide the best views of these strong, graceful cats.

Mushroom farm - In the Mushroom Farm we´ll learn the cultivation process of the Pleurotus mushroom, an edible and very tasty mushroom.

Tapir House - Meet our friendly tapir named "Poloc", which means chubby in Maya. This is one of the rarest and least known species in our Park.

Aviary - The area is filled with hundreds of different bird species in the region, some of which are endangered.

Underground Rivers - The soft and refreshing waters invite you to explore their underground rivers, where you will discover ancient Mayan cenotes, magical caverns, rock formations and marine fossils.

Lagoon - Between the jungle and the beach, a quiet lagoon shimmers, with islets that are home to some tropical birds fill the air with exotic sounds. A dense tropical vegetation surrounds this charming lagoon. Delight your view contemplating Xcaret Lagoon and the splendors that surrounds it.

Beach - Give yourself a moment of peace and relaxation on the Xcaret beach, surrounded by the original charm of the tropical palapas and palms. Xcaret Beach is definitely the ideal place for those want to relax body and spirit.

Natural Pools - On one side of the beach and behind the Aquarium Xcaret, you will find this great creation of nature. The Xcaret pools are like natural jacuzzis, as the pounding waves naturally fills it and recycles its water.

The archaeological zone - The Maya people, the most famous classical civilization of Mesoamerica, erected in Xcaret one of its major cities and ceremonial centers. Walk around and discover the vestiges of the splendid cultural heritage that these incredible mathematicians, astronomers and architects, bequeathed to humanity.

Maya Peoples - Xcaret opens the doors to the Mayan daily life and invites you to travel through time visiting a replica of a Mayan Village. As in all ancient cities, Mayan people lived in the outskirts while its center was exclusive for palaces and temples.

Paradise River - one of our most recent and enjoyable Xcaret Attractions has become a favorite of those who want to experience one of Xcaret´s rivers without getting wet. During the 20 minutes ride, a rafter from the region will take you to cross the Paradise River and the Tropical Jungle Trail where you can see animals such as deer, howler monkeys, macaws and iguanas, as well as the richness of the Cancun jungle.

Xcaret Scenic Tower - Go up into the sky in our Scenic Tower. Admire the breathtaking view of Mexico´s Sacred Paradise from where the sky, the Caribbean ocean and the Riviera Maya come together in a circular landscape that goes beyond the reach of human eyes. With capacity for 72 people and goes up to 80 meters above ground.

Ballgame Show - One of Xcaret’s objectives is to disseminate the culture heritage of the Mexican people and the Mayan culture. At sunset, the Park is transformed with wonderful shows, including the pre-Hispanic ball game announced by wooden drums that resound through the afternoon silence. The heavy rubber ball (4 kg) rolls and bounces on the slopes; the objective is to pass between the stone rings embedded at the top, using only the hip.

The Papantla Flyers - Four birdmen of Totonacan blood will descend from the top of the universal tree, doing circles in the air. 30 meters above ground, the leader dances and plays pre-Hispanic instruments. They are the Papantla Flyers worshiping the Sun King. This impressive show of courage and faith of the Papantla fliers at Xcaret is an ancient ceremony, which originated in the state of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico to ask for a good harvest and fertility.

Equestrian Show - This festival integrates equestrian exhibition, competitions, luck riding, colorful costumes and music. Charros gallantly exhibit the flourish of lariat, riding horses and other equestrian activities. The hacienda, the stables, and La Cocina restaurant of the Mexican corner in Xcaret are the perfect surroundings of the performing arena where daring charros and adelitas and their horses will surprise you with the charro shows of skill.

Xcaret Night Show - Joy and inspiration are the essence of this gala, in which more than 300 artists on stage delight you with the best of Mexican culture, music and regional dances. It is definitely the best folkloric show of Mexico and the most recognized in the world. When the sun sets, the call of the mystical pre-Hispanic drums and the melancholic sound of the sea shells will invite you to enjoy our Spectacular Night Show. It is a splendid feast of color, sound and traditions.

Tour Includes


  • Transportation in first class air conditioning vehicles.
  • Entrance to Xcaret with all the mentioned activities.
  • Night show with more than 300 artists on stage.

Not Includes:

  • Food and Drink
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Snorkel Tour
  • Snorkeling equipment

Tour Recomendations

Light clothing, swimsuit, comfortable shoes, hat, sunglasses, money for additional purchases, camera and suntan lotion, change of clothes, and extra money for dinner and drinks

Note: Children higher than 1.40 m but less than 12 years, must present an ID to verify their age.



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