A funny and exciting activity in which you will fly with your partner in a specially designed chair for not wearing harness, what get adrenaline rushing when you discover you´re flying at a height of 100 meters while perceiving the blue sky of Mexican Caribbean.
There is a platform boat where it is possible to take off from and land on in order to prevent passengers get wet.
Flights can be from the beach or from the lagoon.

Adult Price $ 70.00

Child Price $ 35.00


Enjoy the faster jet boat in Cancun that offers security and such of fun, since your comfortable seat with special belts for you and your family, you can feel the emotion of the stunning spins of 360-degree turns at high speed making flow the adrenaline, to be surprised by their great brake power and make you vibrate to see how big waves are formed up and down splashing water all around.


It has a ...

Adult Price $ 70.00

Child Price $ 35.00


This is a unique activity in Cancun where you will  drive your own mini submarine and let yourself go in the crystalline waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea while you admire the variety of reefs and colorful fish that inhabit this wonderful marine world.

Here wonderful things will happen because you will hang out with the real marine world and   know strange species very close to discover how each one is...

Adult Price $ 79.00

Child Price $ 46.00


Feel the adrenaline by flying with this new exclusive activity in Cancun, with a modern engine that reaches a height of 7 meters, so you can admire the beautiful view and feel the sense of freedom. You do not need more than five minutes to learn how to handle it, you only need to want to have fun. The activity lasts 30 minutes, mandatory life vest and helmet. The place where it is performed is in Laguna playa Mujeres.


Adult Price $ 129.00

Child Price $ 70.00


Come over here to feel the adrenaline of driving a personal watercraft on Nichupte Lagoon or in the colorful waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Watercraft Yamaha VX 1100.
Ibero Star Cancun                                  $ 63.80 USD (4 machine...

Adult Price $ 105.00

Child Price $ 0.00