Our transportation to Cozumel service starts early in the morning with a courtesy pick up at your hotel in comfortable air condtioned vehicle to take you to the main pier in in Playa del Carmen.

Here we take you to Cozumel in the comfortable high speed jet boat transportation (only 30 minutes to cross), and from there we drop you off in the main pier in Cozumel. From there you will be free on your own.

And by the evening,...

Adult Price $ 64.00

Child Price $ 55.00


Cozumel is an island of countless attractions in the middle of a sea of excitement. Your vacations in Cozumel will be full of surprises and adventures as you explore its wonders as well as a great variety of activities and sports. Warm, friendly people live in the small town of San Miguel, where a waterfront boulevard offers spectacular views from its restaurants, cafes, and stores.

A Cozumel visit is ideal for putting up your feet and unwinding, and since its waters are tranqu...

Adult Price $ 92.00

Child Price $ 69.00


Get on your buggy, fasten your seatbelt and start the tour to our first stop, this is an exclusive beach club. Ready to dive? It is time to do our diving activity in which we will submerge 25 feet where we will be able to contemplate the incredible marine life in the Caribbean Sea. Once again on the mainland you can enjoy drinks before returning to the buggy and continue with this fascinating adventure through Cozumel.

On the tour a guide will be sharing and showing you the traditio...

Adult Price $ 109.00

Child Price $ 109.00


This is an adventure to drive through Cozumel and have the opportunity to get to know what one day was the pirate hideaway, a sacred Mayan site and snorkel in the second world reef mayor in Chankanaab Park.

An all-equipped van will be our vehicle to visit Cozumel, accompanied by guides and bilingual translators who will tell you the incredible history of the island. Our first stop will be in Squadron 201, an incredible military base that had operations in the Second World War.


Adult Price $ 109.00

Child Price $ 99.00


We will travel the whole island, starting from the bottom in an adventure where we will know the wonders under the sea doing the snorkeling activity, then we will take the keys of our buggy to know the other part of the island on wheels.

The adventure will begin when you get on your buggy and drive to our first stop, this is our exclusive beach club where we will go to do snorkel, and do not worry if you are not a professional, o...

Adult Price $ 109.00

Child Price $ 99.00