Tours and excursions to Chichen Itza departing from Playa del Carmen and Riviera

By Cancun
September 08, 2016

Now is considered as one of the New 7 Wonders of the Worland a Unesco World Heritage site, Chichen Itza is located in the Yucatan Peninsula approximately two and a half hours away from Cancun.

The word Chichen Itza in Mayan language is translated as "At the mouth of the well of the water sorcerers". It was one of the most important Mayan cities of the post-classic period. It was considered as the center of power of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The most important archaeological construction found here is the Kukulkan Pyramid or "El Castillo" ("The Castle"). This construction is made by a four sided pyramid crowned by a rectangular temple on the top. Each side counts with a staircase of 91 steps which multiplied by 4 sides of the pyramid gives us 364 steps. One more step leads to the top temple representing 365 days of the year.

A clear example of the knowledge that the Mayan culture